Private party venue in Chicago
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My wife is turning 30, and I need a nice cocktail party venue in Chicago for 40-50 people.

I'm planning a 30th birthday party for my wife for February 23rd, and want to rent a private room for a cocktail party. Requirements:

1) Somewhat classy - it will be cocktail attire, so no super casual bars or restaurants
2) Holds 40-50 people
3) Good appetizers and drinks
4) Under $3000

A couple places I wanted didn't work out, and I'm starting to run out of time to get the invites out now.
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you try the violet hour? great cocktails and food, sort of a speakeasy atmo. used to be called mod, same owners. it's in wicker, just south of the damen el stop on damen ave.

don't go to sangria. they advertise heavily that they do events; we went there recently. trashola.
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The Tasting Room at Randolph and Ogden? I don't know what the rental costs are but it has a nice second floor with comfortable furniture and a great skyline view. And a good wine list.
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I went to an event last year at Bella Lounge and was impressed with the quality of the food, service, and decor. I can't speak to their pricing but it was a charity fundraiser so it couldn't have been outrageous. Bella Lounge is located in the Gold Coast, near State and Dearborn.
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er, State and Division.
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