How much per gram for 14kt gold necklace?
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How much per gram for 14kt gold necklace?

I am trying to sell a 14kt necklace. I know the weight in grams. What would be a good multiplier to help me to figure out the value of this necklace? I've seen everything from $14 per gram up to $21 per gram. I don't need the highest number just a fair one, which seems to be $16 or so.

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Best answer: Well, the price of gold seems to be above $900 per troy ounce, according to here. A troy ounce is 31.1034768 grams, and 14 carat gold is only 14/24 percent gold.

So ($930 / 31.1034768 ) * (14/24) = $17.44 per gram on the high end
and ($900 / 31.1034768 ) * (14/24) = $16.88 per gram on the low end.
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Best answer: 24kt gold is going for about USD $30/gram.

14kt is 14/24 pure. So, it seems like at a minimum, you would generally be looking at $17.50/gram.

I also saw two other links that might be of interest:

Google answer and Discount gold exchange.
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Response by poster: thank you so much! this is precisely the type of help I needed.
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Warning: if all you're selling is one necklace (or even if you have a jewelry-box full of similar items) you not necessarily oing to get the going rate per gram -- the refiner takes a cut, the cost of which is passed along to you.
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