Any recommendations on a *Free* *Serverless* instant messaging client?
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Any recommendations on a *Free* *Serverless* instant messaging client?I have a small network that I would like to allow instant messaging among all hosts. The problem is I am hoping to be able to do this without installing a server app. Any thoughts? These are all Windows boxes. I've done a few google searches...but haven't been able to find anything that really fits. (First question on AskMeFi!) Thanks, AltReality
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This may not help, but I know you can set up private Jabber servers.
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Whenever I need a quick IM session between me and anyone, I always turn to:
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The latest versions of Pidgin support chat over Bonjour, which is serverless. Only caveat is that all clients have to be on the same subnet.

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Truly peer to peer is difficult because of all the firewall and NAT restrictions on the Internet. It is technically possible, though. A search for "peer to peer chat" turned up some promising leads.
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You could just use the MSG command. :)
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Yes, if by "I have a small network" you mean a LAN, in which all of the boxes are on the same subnet, then a Bonjour (née Rendezvous) -based client will allow them to auto-discover each other. There's a standalone client here (not the Miranda plug in... it's the 5th link down), but Pidgin looks to be the more mature option.
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WASTE is a serverless p2p system that has message and chat functionality.
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I was also going to suggest WASTE. Slightly annoying to set up, but very nice software otherwise.
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Thirding WASTE (and slightly annoying setup). Alternately, you can chat via Skype, which is sort of serverless (communications are peer-to-peer, or peer-to-random-third-machine-to-peer).
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Why no server? Upkeep? Or no central point of failure? I run a couple ejabberd servers and it's an hour of configuration and literally years of uptime. It's either power outage, hardware failure or ISP killing long running processes. Users have their pick of at least a handfull of clients including web based and can chat from anywhere in the world.
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