Sysadmin Seeks Officemate, Must Speak Fast Ethernet, Take Orders.
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Are there any managed Fast Ethernet switches that are quiet enough to share an office with?

One of our two tiny, silent, solid-state Netgear workgroup switches has given up the ghost and I'd really like to be able to VLAN and port mirror, QoS/port priorities would be nice too. We'd rather not pay for Gigabit that we don't need and port count is pretty flexible, the dead switch has 16 ports but we were using about half that.
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What about the HP Procurve 1700 series? Managed, fanless, 8 or 24 port. I haven't used it myself, but I have other HP switches and they've always treated me very well.
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As an afterthought, here's the data sheet and manual. VLAN and mirroring are there, but QoS is only supported for 802.1p tagged packets, not per-port.
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Procurves are great.
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