Size comparison of Asic Onitsukas and Adidas?
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How do sizes of asics onitsuka tigers compare to adidas?

I'm considering purchasing some onitsukas online and I can't find a shop near me that has them in stock. I've never worn them before, so I'm wondering how the sizes compare to adidas runners, as I have several pairs of those and am always the same size. I'd rather avoid the hassle of returning them if they are the wrong size. You know, so is a 43 in adidas going to be a 43 in asics?
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my asics run a half size large...that is, i normally wear a 10, but my asics are 10.5
posted by gnutron at 9:46 AM on January 28, 2008 will tell you if shoes size small or large. Of course, they're going to use US sizes, but you can figure it out.
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I went from size 11 adidas to a pair of size 10 onitsuka tigers. The tigers seem to be significantly smaller than asics' other shoes.

(Also I got them from, so it was free to return the shoes for a smaller pair.)
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I wear 12s in both. They're the only tennis/running/soccer shoes I wear.
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I found that the Onitsukas run a little big by about a half size. I had to get a half size smaller. I'm surprised that others are saying that they run small. Zappos is GREAT about returns, even on worn shoes if they are defective.
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I wear the same size in both, and the tigers are a bit larger but still very comfortable.
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I just want to add that I hate the terms "run big" or "run small" because it's unclear which is which. Does a shoe that "runs small" have smaller size-numbers for the same size shoe, or smaller shoe for the same size-number? I can never remember the right convention.
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I can't remember what I wore before I discovered Onitsuka Tigers, but I tried on a pair of Sambas last week in the size I've been buying and the Sambas were bigger.

I don't know how Sambas compare to runners, but that might be a bit of a help.
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I wear the same size (10) in both Adidas classics and Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66's (though all I wear any more are the Onitsukas...they are unbeatable).
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I wear size 12 Adidas Superstar, and size 11.5 Onitsuka Ultimate 81 LE.

I have long and narrow feet, and find both brands really comfortable. The Onitsukas are probably the lightest shoes I have ever worn.
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