Web service best practices
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Where can I find more information on web service best practices?

We're hiring some people to write some web services for us in asp.net. I need to put together a best practices document for them but I've only consumed web services, never written them. Can anyone point me in the right direction so I can learn more about what makes a good web service vs a bad one?
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There's not a lot of standardization yet around the vague concept of "web services." Flickr's API handles all the more common request and response formats, so you might want to look at that to decide which formats you prefer. Flickr's also a good example of well-documented web services, which is key no matter which formats you use.
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RESTful Web Services should be a good start.
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Two primary principles should be REST and KISS.
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Seconding RESTful Web Services. Even if you use a more RPC-like model, it's still useful to think about best practices from a REST point of view, and try to preserve as many advantages of REST as you can. The Ruby/Richardson book is opinionated, but it's nonetheless a great introduction to web service architecture.
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Please do your API's users a favor and read RESTful Web Services. Make sure the people you hire read it too.

Disclaimer: I contributed about 10 pages to that book.
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