How can I get a news feed out of my facebook group and into an external website?
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How can I get a news feed out of my facebook group and into an external website?

I just set up a facebook group for my organization. We already have an external site, and it's a bother updating the blog there (it's mamblog, under Joomla - eww) - much easier to just do it in facebook, but of course not everyone is a facebook member (or wants to be).

What I want to do is get the rss feed for the group's "recent news" and splodge it onto my external site. But all I can see from extensive googling is people getting feeds *into* facebook from other sites. Any thoughts? Is there a really simple rss button I'm missing somewhere on my group page?
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I don't think so. Recent News isn't even structured, it's just a big text field.
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Put facebook apps on any webpage.
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Wouldn't the user have to log into Facebook, rhizome? Not to mention programming that thing would be a pain.
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It was just announced/released on Friday and I haven't really looked into it too much, but my impression is that it uses an app key (like Google apps, Amazon affiliates, etc.). As far as I know, it is indeed a coding task to make this happen. I'm also talking out of my ass a bit in that I don't know how RSS behaves in this context. Is it authenticated?
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The API to get information from a group seems to require a user ID, but I've never properly programmed Facebook, so perhaps it can be circumvented (by using the programmer's user ID each time).

RSS is usually not authenticated.
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