heated windscreen troubleshooting
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Rear heated windscreen on Ford Fiesta (UK) has stopped working. I've checked the fuses; is there anything else I should try before phoning the garage?
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My rear window defroster went out because a wire at the top corner of the windshield had become disconnected from the small contact plate near it. I was told by a windshield repair shop not to solder it but to use a special glue to reattach it. (I sold the car before getting it fixed.)
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Check the clips that connect the heating element to the car's wiring. could be corrosion/loose connection.
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Forgot to mention that this was on a 1980 Toyota. Newer models may not work this way.
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Check for power at the switch with a multimeter. Check for power after the switch once it's on.

Then, with it on, check the connections at the rear window, and see if there is power (12V) there, too. Check all the wires/windy bits on the window to see if any are damaged or broken.

That is all the garage will do anyway, other than have the special glue and/or replace the window. If it's the switch, you should be able to do it yourself (they just snap in and out of the fascia), but if it's at the window, it may be more complicated.
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Thanks for the advice guys, I'll bust out the ol' multimeter when I get home tonight.
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The conductive grid on the inside of the window may have cracked or been scratched. See here for full details.
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