i knew if i waited too long this would happen
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I bought these suede moccasin slippers at Target back in November. My local store no longer carries them, and target.com says they are out of stock. Where can I find them (or at least shoes similar to them)?

My shoes are pretty filthy. I figured since they were so cheap I'd just buy new ones, and now I can't find them anywhere!

I called the target.com contact number, and was told by a representative that they "only see what you see," aka, they see that it is out of stock but can't tell me when or even if they will get more in stock. I called my local Target, and they said they "only know what's getting shipped to us once it's shipped to us." I checked Amazon and eBay- no dice. Googling only leads me back to target.com.

Where can I find these shoes or shoes like them? "Like them" meaning suede, fur-lined (faux), tan with dark brown laces, and under $25?

Or, how could I clean the ones I already have? They're nice and dirty on the outside, as well as matted down on the inside. I assume a washing machine would kill them.
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Land's End has them in both a moccasin and a mule. Both under $20.
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I buy my son the $14.95 mocs from Cabela. He wears them to school, and these poor slippers put up with a lot of abuse and look pretty great after months of beat downs. If you're a girl, call for sizing. You could buy boy's mocs too, if your feet are small enough. I think the rule is 2 sizes down (a men's 10 = a women's 8) but I'm not positive about that.

I find that suede cleaners are pretty useless, but what's always worked really well for me are emery boards or fine sandpaper. You would be sanding the suede. Sanding buffs it up and takes off the outer layer of dirt. Try it in an inconspicuous place.
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Response by poster: coffeemate: those lands' end shoes are almost what i'm looking for, but not quite- i don't really like the way the sole comes up to the toe. i like the contrasting laces on the mules, but i'd rather have a full moc. i'm horribly picky and hard to please!

iconomy: i'm a girl with small feet (US 5.5 to 6.5 depending on the shoe), so children's shoes are definitely an option for me. i got the target ones in a size 6.
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I've always loved LLBean slippers. They're more expensive but last so incredibly long and are really comfortable. Some of their current lineup of slippers might do the trick for you...
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Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Kohls, etc. other overrun/irregular stores. It is a little late in the season, hence stuff is already sold out.
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I was also going to suggest LL Bean and Land's End. How about Bass?
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i would totally put them in the washer and let them air-dry. but then, i also eat food that's been left out of the fridge overnight, so i guess i live on the edge.
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iconomy: I think the rule is 2 sizes down (a men's 10 = a women's 8) but I'm not positive about that.

Other way around: men's 6/women's 8.
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