Thank-You Present for being Present
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Help me think of gifts for a small group of very special people.

I'm in the midst of some serious life transitions and a handful of friends have supported me in every way beyond my wildest expectations. I'm grateful and humbled.

I want to express my deep appreciation and love in a tangible way. I've told them all repeatedly how grateful I am, and how much I've needed their help. They've all been uniformly amazing, saying and doing everything you want your friends to do in a time like this.

I don't necessarily need to "buy" something for each of them, but I am feeling the urge to give them a tangible thank-you as well.

Any ideas?

Vitals: I'm a 40-y.o. nomadic/homebody woman and my (5-6) friends are a mix of genders, around my age, all artistically inclined/sympathetic. The only exception is my soon-to-be ex-boyfriend's parents. They're 70+ Berkelyites.
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Buy/cook them a really tasty dinner.
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Everybody loves cookies! You can make a big batch or two, package them nicely yourself and then write each person a short note of appreciation.
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can you write them each a really personal letter about why you love them and what makes them so awesome? and give them to them at the end of a big group dinner?
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* Second the cooking them dinner idea.
* A really neat plant, one of your favorites; Christmas cactus and suculents are interesting plants that are easy to take care of indoors and out
* A favorite book of yours
* A photograph that you take of somewhere that is special to you and the recipient, framed and ready to hang
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It seems to me you have some very good people in your circle of friends and I think friends like the ones you describe are precious--they care about your happiness and they are there to give their support to you when you sincerely need it. My suggestion is that you write a thank-you to them including something like what you have written up above in your question to us, and promise yourself that you will be there for them when they really need you because they no doubt will at some point in the future. Let them know they have helped make the world a better place for you and you are glad they are in it.
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A group meal is always great.
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nthing the group dinner; something a bit special that they mightn't normally treat themselves to.

If they're artistically inclined, maybe you can find some sort of intimate dinner-and-show venue? We have a handful of small venues around that do that kind of thing, generally with jazzy or bluesy music, and they always make for a good night out.
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