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Ran across the card game Ekklesia: The Congregating and was wondering if a similar game had ever been professionally produced.

Some cartoon style cards can be see here.

The name sounds like a play on the words Magic: the Gathering, a game I understand employs thousands of cards and complicated game mechanics. Has any company published a card game or RPG something like this but with the theme of early Christian/Late Roman history? I've heard of Redemption, but this is bible-based, not history-based so it isn't what I'm looking for.
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It looks like a ecclesiastical Top Trumps.
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Anachronism might fit the bill.... this wikipedia article seems to have more info than their official site.
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There's Credo (review).
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Best answer: Whoops. Review is here.
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Here are a few Roman themed board games. You will want to read the reviews etc to get a sense of whether these will be more complex than what you're looking for. (They list age-suitability and playing time; some of these games are quite long and involved.)
Tribune - political game
Commands and Colors: Ancients - war game
Rome, a set that includes three games.
Gloria Mundi, about the fall of Rome
There are more on this Partial list of games set in Rome -- and if you click around BGG you'll find others too.

If you are set on a card game, here is the BGG result for an "advanced search" on card+ancient.
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Response by poster: These are all great; I should've searched first. As usual, the Mefites never fail to impress. Thank ye.
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