Neoprene, not neo anymore
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What can I do with my old wetsuit?

I have an old wetsuit (2mm SeaQuest shortie, essentially this suit) that has had a fantastic run. I've managed to wring 12 years out of it (snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, and just messing around in the ocean) and have sewn and glued it back together at the base of the zipper multiple times. It is in great condition still (some minor aging of the rubber) but the hole is not repairable anymore.

What are some cool things I can do with it? I am pretty crafty, so any suggestiions that involve cutting it apart and making something cool with it are great. I would also be willing to have it recycled for another purpose.
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throw it up on craigslist, someone will take it
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If you paintball, you can use the neoprene to line the inside of your hopper and pods, to keep the balls quiet while you're running.

You could cut it into mats and use them around the house.

You could put it on a mannequin and do a number of weird/creepy things to the mannequin, like shooting it for anger management, hanging it from a tree for halloween, etc.

You could also sell it on Ebay. I'm sure someone will buy it...
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There are several how-to's out there on sewing bags and such. I'd try to make a nifty little dive tote bag out of it.
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Seriously waterproof messenger bag or bike panniers (depending on how much usable fabric you can get out of it)!

Don't forget to seal the seams for ultra-super-cool waterproofyness.

A search on or the like should net any number of good messenger bag patterns. I like Amy Butler's "High Street Messenger Bag" pattern myself.
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I should clarify - it's pretty much impossible to repair/wear at this point because it's so torn. Crucial pieces have been torn to shreds by repeated repairs.
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One of the early issues of Make showed how to turn a wet suit into a cool lap top bag... I always wanted to try doing that. Live my dream!
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My ipod case is neoprene. You could make and sell a few of those.
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Neoprene gloves? A neoprene cap? Neoprene booties?
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Seriously waterproof messenger bag or bike panniers

Wetsuits are "wet" because they trap a layer of water (which is heated by your body), so the fabric isn't waterproof. A drysuit on the other hand ...
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Actually neoprene is waterproof, the water gets in the neck/sleeves/legs in a wetsuit.

Do you have a dog? You could make them a little lifevest. It's a good idea for rafting etc and safer, imho, than the nylon ones as it will tear if needed.
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Unlike some crazy people, Utilitaritron, I do not surf Lake Erie (as seen on the No Reservations ep when Anthony Bourdain when he visited my fair town) -- so didn't know they're not actually waterproof. I presumed they were since they're neoprene and neoprene is used in cases for things that shouldn't get wet -- like laptops and PDAs and such.
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Make a wine bag!
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Cut it into small shapes, like starfish, sea horses, sand dollars, sea gulls, dolphins, sea otters, etc. Then glue each shape to a small square block of wood. Advertise them as "Ocean Stamps Made from Wetsuit Material." People will buy it. Or, glue them onto the walls in your bathroom and paint a pretty ocean scene around them. That would be pretty cool.
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Dye it black, get some foam, and make a Dune stillsuit for halloween.
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I have neoprene gloves that are pretty effing awesome for when it gets really cold.

Particularly for snowball fights.
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Buy a bucket. Patch/sew a neoprene "suit" (aka, wraparound or sleeve) for bucket. Fill bucket with hot water. Enjoy hot water 6 hours later after you're cold and tired from whatever adventures you and your new wetsuit enjoyed.
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Ooooh, that's a great idea. A neoprene sleeve for my Nalgene or coffee mug would be really cool.

~goes off to eye old wetsuits in basement~
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Make neoprene stubby holders for your next barbecue (er...mate).
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