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Looking for a condo/villa/hotel room rental in Costa Rica...

I want to stay in the Northwest region, near the Pacific coast, as close to the beach as possible. I'm looking for a good place to stay, specifically something that has a kitchenette. My previous plans fell through; I am leaving on wednesday and staying for 10 days. Any suggestions?

Thanks, MeFi!
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I know the owners of this place - and have had co-workers who went down for a getaway. I haven't been, but have only heard good things!
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I'm heading to Costa Rica as well on the 7th. This was posted on the thorn tree forum today so be careful where you rent.
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Not sure what your budget is. My half-sister recently rented a place for a couple weeks called Ecoplaya , and she really enjoyed it. It's in the far north of Costa Rica's Pacific coast, near Nicaragua (which you really should visit if you get the chance). I checked and they have kitchenettes.
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My husband and I stayed at the Makanda in Manuel Antonio for our honeymoon. We loved it. It isn't right on the beach, but most of the villas have ocean views and you can take a 1/4 mile trail to a private beach.
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I stayed here at Villa Lora last summer. It is in the Guanacaste province, in NW Costa Rica. I think it was around $150/day/person, which included 3 meals by a great cook, a bartender (all drinks included) and housekeeping (incl. laundry). It is on a hill and has a wonderful view of the mountains and ocean, but it is not ocean-front (you can walk to the beach).
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