Blogging from the future - forcing wordpress to show future dates
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How can I get wordpress to show a post as though it had been published in the future?

So, in a bid to stimulate both regular writing and generate some ideas for longer form work, I've come up with the idea of writing a blog that appears as though it's coming from twenty or thirty years in the future. Wordpress has a future-dating feature that lets you put a future date on a post, but as far as I can work out, that means it will hold that post until that date and time is reached.

Am I missing something, or is there a simple method (or plugin) that will let me publish a post now, today, but have the calendar and date show as a date in the future? For example, I post an entry today, Sunday 27th Jan, at 5pm GMT, but I want it to show up on the blog as, I dunno, Thursday 27th Jan 2028, 5pm GMT. How would I do that?
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When Wordpress shows the date of a post, it uses a simple PHP-function. So the fastest way to achieve this, would to change one of those functions.

Say when you place
<?php the_time('Y') ?> 
in a template, it shows the year that post was created. So, you'll need to change the function the_time in a way Y is always Y+20. Though it is probably best to create a function with a new name that calls those dates.
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Great - now another stupid question - where do I find 'the_time'?
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When you click on the "Write" tab to write your new post, just click on the "Post timestamp" underneath the categories list and all of taht on the sidebar. You can enter in any date and time you want.
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treesarefree, you can enter any date you like, but if it's a date in the future, wordpress won't publish the post until the date is reached.
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Is it a self hosted blog, or one on
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What version of Wordpress are you using? I'm on 2.3.2, and I set the date to 2009, published, and it shows up as 2009.
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Never mind me, I'm talking nonsense. Sorry.
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Happy Dave: I just checked it on mine with one that was already published and it let me change it to 27 January, 2010 withoput a problem
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I wonder if this might help? You could possibly modify your template to include some of the code? Quie how you'd do that is beyond me, though.
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Or, you could grab the The Future Is Now plugin, that will enable all future dated posts to show up on the blog anyway, irrespective of date. It only works for posts you publish after you active it, though.
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Solomon, thanks, that worked absolutely perfectly!
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