Hey PSP, stand up!
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I'm looking for the plastic stand that came with the PSP Giga Pack (link within), and hoping that some nice member of the hive mind knows how to help me get one.

I'm trying to get my hands on the plastic stand that came with the PSP Giga Pack in America back in 2005, as seen in these pictures. While I haven't used my PSP for games as much as I was hoping I would when I bought it, I've found it to be much more useful for watching videos. I've wanted to get some sort of stand for it for a while now, and after looking at the options and finding most of them to be expensive or not what I really want, I've decided I'd really like something simple...such as the one that came with the Giga Pack, which came out a few months after I got my PSP.

However, trying to find said plastic stand has proved to be impossible. Sony doesn't sell it separately (the closest thing I've found comes from the Playstation Signature line, and I'll be damned if I'm paying $20 to import something like that), and I haven't found any other way of acquiring one. To that end, I'm wondering if there's a MeFi member who has one they'd be willing to part with; I'd certainly be willing to pay a few dollars for it.

If you have a stand you'd send my way, please let me know; it would be greatly appreciated.
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Best answer: You can have mine. It's been idle for 3 years. Mail in profile
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Response by poster: Email sent! I am excited.
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