Super Tuesday party ideas?
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We're having a Super Tuesday party at our house, and we're looking for funny politically-related finger food ideas (half-moon cookies anyone?) as well as some good party names (like Super Booze-day).

People of all political stripes will of course be welcome, but we're all Obama supporters, FWIW.
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You should offer half-baked libertarian cookies, but everyone has to bake their own.
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We're doing this to. This is a party amongst friends so I hope I don't offend anyone.

- Instead of a keg, beer in big metal tubs. Each represents a candidate. Edwards has PBR, Obama Goose Island, Romney Bottled Water. We're going to have bottled wine in the Hucakbee area and McCain gets Glenfiddich because he is old, but I have a feeling a lot of "independents" will go for him. Oh, and there are some butch Lesbians coming who really wanted to setup the Hillary alcohol section and I have no idea what they're going to bring.

- We're setting up a gambling system where each person puts in $10 and each person has a chance to win half the pot for each winning candidate. It has to do with the number of delegates the winner for each party receives (simple example: Obama gets, say 174 delegates, the person with a blue card and a 4 wins). Of course in that example you can only have 20 people play. We've got a bit more elaborate system that will ensure only two winners and be as much as a lottery as possible. We call this our "Mario Party Method," in that it is completely random and someone big political nut won't have a huge advantage. It keeps everyone engaged.

- Putting up a bunch of political posters from old elections (a Nixon poster that says, I am not kidding, "You can't lick our Dick!")

The idea is to keep it fun and about the elections, to provide an atmosphere where it looks silly if someone starts being an asshole and projecting his or her political opinions on everyone. I just don't want someone's Rush Limbaugh boyfriend ruining the fun for everyone and wishing he'd just shut up.

N.B., we're keeping the televisions on mute except when something is being announced and putting on a good Girl Talk mix.
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Oh Huckabee and the wine is a Jesus reference.
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C'mon, dude, every political party needs more waffles!
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Make some punch, put a little democrat donkey graphic on the bowl.
Now you have Donkey Punch!
Don't forget to make political bingo or at least a drinking game for buzzwords.
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Freedom fries (or coke), Big Macs (or weed), broccoli, jellybeans, peanuts... and I kinda get stuck at Ford (nachos and beer?)
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Black and white cookies?
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Response by poster: box, great ideas, but I think we're going more for current candidates than former presidents.
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Elephant ears?
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Johnny (Edwards) Cake

Huckabeen Dip - bean dip

Guiliani Shots - jello shots

Frankenberry - (Fred Thompson - a la Daily Show)
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Do those libertarian cookies have nuts inside them?
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Phallic cookies that say "Rock out with your Caucus out!"
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I hear Huckabee's a fan of fried squirrel.
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For those interested...

Chicken Fried Squirrel

~ quartered and cleaned squirrels, 1 per person
~ buttermilk
~ OldBay seasoning
~ flour
~ salt & pepper
~ shortening

Soak your meat for at least an hour in buttermilk.

Combine the flour & Old Bay until you can see the flour turn light pink. Sprinkle in some salt and pepper to taste.

Heat up your shortening to 375 degrees in a iron skillet or deep fryer deep enough to cover the meat.

Roll or shake your meat in the flour mix and fry until the coating is golden brown.

Take it out and place it on a rack to drain. Place it in your oven for about 1/2 hour at 275 degrees.

Serve and Enjoy!

More squirrel recipes to gall your gullet!
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For dessert: candy-date ice cream
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Hillary White Whine
Obama Oreos
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Try some candidate inspired cocktails and every party goer can consume the drinks that represent his/her candidate. Like Baracks HOPE cocktail, McCains Straight Talk Espresso Martini and Ron Paul's Freedom Call. You can check out a blog I wrote on it at
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