Help an acoustic guitar pop guy tour Scandinavia
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My friend is a singer/songwriter who would like to tour Scandinavia. How would he go about doing this?

I'm looking for general advice about booking shows and setting up tour routes as well as the specific nuts-and-bolts of how to begin the process. The type of music he does is acoustic guitar-based pop with roots in American country and folk. He'd especially like to tour in Sweden and Denmark. Any thoughts?
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Heh, I just got this email the other day. Sonicbids is a site on which you maintain an EPK and pay a small fee to submit to festivals and compilations. I signed up for a free trial but haven't actually used it, so i can't vouch for its efficacy.

"Tour Scandanavia 2008 ... Brought to you by Sonicbids & Planetary Group"

Apparently Malajube won the right to do this tour in '05, and they're a 'real band' so who knows! it might be legit.
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Well, the first thing to do is make friends with Scandinavian bands. I know plenty of people who have toured Scandinavia (apparently, they're wild for Scott Morgan), but all of 'em have started out by touring the US with a band from Denmark or Sweden or whathaveyou.
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