Why is my monitor shifting colors?
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Monitor color shift causes?

I have 2 computers on a counter at work. Monitor A displays everything in shades of green. If I switch the monitors, Monitor B shows the same problem. If I rotate the monitor, it reverts to normal color when it's facing almost completely backwards. I realize it's some sort of field causing the problem, but what should I look for? I don't see anything that's unique to one side of the counter, and the employees in the area say they've changed nothing about the setup in the last few weeks. Initially, a degauss worked, but no more.
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Best answer: It's either the cable or the port on the video card, and is probably related to stress on the cable. One of your color channels is not making a connection. Try a different cable if you can, and if that doesn't fix it on either monitor, it's your video card. The ports may have gotten loose.
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Response by poster: Thanks, ulotrichous! Your answer lead to a solution, but it only confuses me more. Switching the cable with one from a less used computer (I didn't have a spare) fixed the problem, so I thought the cable was bad, until I hooked the bad cable up to the other computer and didn't get the green screen. Since all my monitors are working, I'll pretend there's no problem, but I don't think that's actually the case. It's fun to be tech support!
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It could have been a bent pin in the monitor cable that righted itself when you unplugged/plugged it in to the different machine. Or when you placed the new cable in the video card, you jiggled the card back in to a better connection. If you're curious, open up the case and make sure the video card is secure in it's slot( presuming it's not on board video).
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