How do you ping weblogs now that has switched to
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Ok, since has sort of switched over to all my rpc pings to time out like no other. Did the way to ping weblogs change? I tried looking on the site, but then weblogs times out. Anyone know?
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I've only been following the hubub very casually, but I was under the impression that just the hosting aspect of got switched... the main blog update index is still there.
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For whatever it's worth, my pings to have been timing out pretty regularly for the last 6 months. I'd say one out of four goes through.

And no, there's been no change to the ping service.
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Response by poster: Ok, I was pinging weblogs first which was timing out and causing the rest of the script to fail. Now I ping weblogs last and it is all good again.

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I realize this is slightly off topic, but have you tried pinging Ping-O-Matic? I don't know offhand whether they do RPC, but one ping to them will ping ten different blog services, including And if you want to script it, you can simply ping manually via the web-form once, copy the URL it uses and use wget or whatever.
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