Need to find a bar in DC to rent for a Superbowl / birthday party!
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I'm looking for a bar in DC to rent out next Sunday for a combination birthday party / Superbowl party. The U Street / Adams Morgan / Dupont area is my ideal goal, but if you have the perfect location elsewhere in DC, throw it in here.

I'd like a private room/area, and (obviously) I'd want a decent tv setup for the game; I don't need a sports bar, just somewhere with good tv(s). Ideally, I'd like drink specials, and maybe even food specials (and/or the ability to bring in some chips and other snack foods). I'm guessing it'd be anywhere from 20-40 people or so. Please help, hive mind!
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Honestly, this is the sort of thing you should have set up a few months ago, any bar that will have a decent set up for you is likely going to be booked well in advance. The only place I can think of that would have a decent set up for you that is pathetic enough not to be booked is My Brothers Place on Capitol Hill, but its likely already booked. You are probably SOL on this, sorry.
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Yeah, I'm sorry to say it, but most Super Bowl parties are planned more than a week in advance. About the best advice I can offer at this point is to pick up the phone book and start calling.
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Check out the "Adams Mill Bar and Grill" and "The Angry Inch" in Adams Morgan
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I am surprised that everyone is so negative...its not like the Redskins are playing in the game and local interest is crazy. I think you can get a room at a decent restaurant if you call enough places and maybe branch out into MD and NoVA. While I don't think you will have as big of a problem as everyone else does, but you may also think about calling a big sports bar (Crystal City Sports Pub comes to mind) that may be able to accommodate your group's reservation for a large table(s).

If you want to bring in your own food and drinks, you could consider a small hotel meeting room. A lot of the bigger hotels even have their own A/V staffs that may have a television to set up for you - or rent a projector setup. However, this will likely turn into a very expensive and very lame party.
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Jury's hotel on Dupont might be able to cater a conference room with food/drinks and I believe they can provide a nice screen, or four. The rooms have nice flat screens. Precisely because it is SB day, the ground floor conference rooms might be available whereas almost no bar will have space left.
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I am surprised that everyone is so negative...its not like the Redskins are playing in the game and local interest is crazy

DC is a city full of people who come from other places. The football fans there aren't only fans of the Washington NFL team.

I agree with most others that it may be too late, but I will suggest my favorite place in Cleveland Park, Atomic Billiards. If Rich is tending bar tell him I said hi.
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Response by poster: Sorry I disappeared here, and thanks for the suggestions. Had some personal things come up, and unfortunately the party is off. That said, I was able to find a couple places (Momo's Sports Bar on U St., Stetsons), and I agree with uaudio that I'm surprised people were so negative. I wasn't looking to rent out Buffalo Billiards or anything... There's a ton of bars in DC, a lot of which have (a) multiple rooms, (b) big tvs, and (c) a desire for a guaranteed group of people for the superbowl. I just posted here to see if there were any that I was missing.

Thanks again, everyone.
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