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Sydney questions: Which Sydney hostel should i stay at for international orientation week at University of Sydney?

Which Sydney hostel should i stay at for international orientation week at University of Sydney?

I will be staying 1-2 weeks. It looks like Glebe is closer to the school, is that a good thing? Is it useful to be closer to campus during this time?

Perhaps Bondi or callaroy...atleast Callaroy lends you surfboards so i don't have to rent / buy one yet.

Note, after orientation i am going to be staying until the middle of January so i will need to find a place to rent during that time. Any information that helps with that would be great. No i have never been to Australia before.

I scuba dive & surf a lot, any good places to go??
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Response by poster: And i am a US citizen
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Stay in Glebe, at least while you are at the orientation week. Assume you are at the main campus in Camperdown? If so, according to the Bus/Train/Ferry information service the trip will take you 1hr 15min minimum from Collaroy, and the same from Bondi, maybe a bit less.

Craigslist is not so popular in Sydney, I have heard reasonable things about GumTree, or check the local papers.

For diving, check out Deep6 or Bondi Dive Centre, if you are getting out of Sydney, try to dive South West Rocks, on the north coast of NSW, or otherwise (Obviously) hit the Great Barrier Reef.

Enjoy your time in Sydney/OZ
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Erm ... Glebe ... public transport in Sydney can is a pain in the arse. Bondi (or any of the beaches) to USyd in peak hour will be utter hell. Also it is close to the houses you will probably be looking into renting / sharing.
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Depending on which part of the uni you'll spend most of your time in, I'd go either Glebe, Newtown, Redfern (slightly dodgy but I say great area), Camperdown or Chippendale.

I think you may find cheaper rents in Newtown (on the City Road end) and Chippendale, and parts of Redfern.

Staying in Collaroy will be a transport nightmare but I don't know, maybe you'll be spending more time surfing than doing O-week stuff. Public transport in Sydney has got bad enough for the State Premier to be making public apologies for it. However in recent times it has improved from disastrous to consistently just below average.

If you really want to be near the beach, Bondi would be a better option transport-wise.
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