Atlanta dinner meeting locations?
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My professional association wants to hold a dinner meeting at a restaurant or hotel near the Perimeter Mall area in Atlanta, Georgia. Does anyone have a suggestion of a good location that won't cost us an arm and a leg?
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The Hilton Garden Inn there is perfectly fine and they are easy to work with. They have a good amount of space.
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How many people are planning to attend?
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How many attendees?
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About 50 attendees
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Can't speak to the hotel part in terms of cost, but we've held a number of business meetings at the Westin and they've been great. Right across from Perimeter Mall there is a new shopping center with some significant choices as far as restaurants. Check out Flemings, Wildfire Grill, Seasons 52, and Chequers(?). The first three are steak places, the last is a seafood joint. Attached to the mall itself are a number of upscale restaurants, including Maggianos which has a fairly significant amount of space and can do things "family-style" or buffet-style in order to keep costs down. There are of course your standard chain places in close proximity.

I don't know what kind of discounts your company can wrangle but the W has worked extremely well in terms of actual per night rates for us, in this extremely competitive area. So we stay at the W, book the meeting rooms at the Westin, and eat near the mall.
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Thanks Arimathea!

I'm familiar with all of those places.

We actually don't need sleeping rooms because everyone is local.

Seasons 52 is a wonderful place, so I'll check to see if they have a separate room.
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Maggiano's which is attached to Perimeter Mall (but with a separate entrance) has private meeting rooms on the second floor. They're nice. It's probably not cheap-cheap, but I don't think it's prohibitively expensive. They do the food family style so its fun / social (but hard to actually *hold* a meeting during meals), and the bring a *a ton* of food. If that's your thing.
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