[fun filter] help us make the most of our "night out" in NYC!
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If you had a night in Manhattan with your sweetheart, what would you do? Where would you go?

The Mrs. and I get a night out in NYC this Feb.! It's been about a year since we've had a night out, free from family, and we want to make the most of it! So I'm turning to the green: please offer your best ideas for a late 30s, early 40s married couple to fun in NYC! We'll be in the city for the night of the 16th, and we're curious to hear where a bunch of random strangers think we should go!

We'll be in Manhattan, and probably looking to hang out near there, like Mid-town and points farther down. We like delicious food from all around the world, we like intellectual stimulation (with a bit of the risque thrown in, if done cleverly), and most of all, we like honest, friendly folks.

We like dancing, but we're not so into loud disco/nightclub-type places. The meetup is the week before, which is a drag, 'cos that's EXACTLY the sort of event we'd like to go to . . .

We'd LOVE to find tapas bars, especially one that evoked Barcelona. Or are there great off-Broadway shows we shouldn't miss? Or just the perfect hangout that you'd care to share? We'd like to hear it all!

We have at least a couple friends in the city, but we don't want to depend on them for fun . . . and after all, isn't imposing on the knowledge of strangers exactly what AskMe is for?
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Do not miss Fuerza Bruta!! I saw it last weekend and it was the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life! It's playing at the Daryl Roth Theater in Union Square, and you can get discount tickets from TheaterMania.
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I don't know about "evoking Barcelona," but my absolute favorite tapas place is NYC is El Cid. Small, non-trendy, and completely awesome.
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If you like tapas, and don't mind hanging around a bunch of filthy Greeks, you could always go to Uncle Nick's Ouzeria for mezedes. It's over in Hell's Kitchen, so it should be pretty near to where you'll be.
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Here's a list of NYC Comedy Clubs. We were given a two for one deal on Broadway and actually had a great time, although the drinks were a bit weird (why was everything mixed with "tequila"?).
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Whoops, "Ouzeria" should be "Ouzaria". And "filthy" should be "handsome".
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My favorite tapas place? Kana. Very decent, authentic food. And I think that on weekends (late at night, in typical Spanish fashion) they push the tables to the side so that people can dance.
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Whoops...link to Kana.
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For drinks go to:
the bar at the Plaza Hotel
or the bar at the Paramount Hotel (art deco)
or the top of the Beekman Tower (http://www.thebeekmanhotel.com/Dining/)

Go to the Metropolitan Museum and see the Temple of Dendur.

Eat at Casimir's in the East Village (103 Avenue B) or Col Legno (231 E 9th St)

If the weather isn't too cold, walk through Greenwich Village. (Take Bleeker Street)
Have a coffee or after dinner drink at one of the coffee houses on the corner of Bleeker and McDougal.
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For great tapas, check out Divine Bar. I tend to go to the East Side bar.
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Flor de Sol is quite nice.
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The Farnsworth Invention is on Broadway, but quite good.
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As far as tapas bars go, check out La Nacional. The place opened in its original form in 1868.
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