Where to advertise a media job in North America and Aus/NZ?
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I've recently been appointed editor of a UK-based computer/tech magazine and website, and need to hire someone to bring the team up to full strength. In the UK, the majority of media jobs are advertised in the Guardian's Media section on Mondays, and on its companion website. However, I'd like to advertise in in other English-speaking countries but don't know where to place the ad.

If anyone could tell me the US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand equivalents of the Monday Media Guardian - i.e. the places anyone seriously looking for media work is looking - that would be much appreciated. Online sites would be great, too. My company has sponsored work visas before, and it's a relatively high level appointment so if the right person came along I think we could survive the work visa process.

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Would you be willing to post the job to MetaFilter's job section so that users of this site can see the position too?
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I'd suggest Media Bistro, Publishers Weekly, and Editor and Publisher as some equivalents here.
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For Australian candidates, you could place an ad in the Age's Technology section.
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@Skylar - yup, certainly.
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For Canada - Adnews and Marketing Mag.
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Also in Canada — Quill & Quire.
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There's no exact equivalent to the Guardian's media jobs section that I know of in Australia.

But the Aus does publish a weekly Media section each Thursday and there are print/broadcasting jobs advertised in that. Section profile here and advertising contacts here.

You might also try internet sites like careerone.com.au (affiliated with News Limited) or mycareer.com.au (the Fairfax version).
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The evolt.org mailing list (free) and GigaOm's jobs sidebar (via http://gigaomjobs.com, $200) would get heavy traffic from the niche crowd you want and would be excellent time/money spends.

Don't forget Ireland! We have a very, very active tech and web 2.0 industry here and it would be an easy recruit.
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Thanks for the responses, much appreciated. For the sake of those following this thread or finding it later, here is the ad on MeFi jobs.
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