Help me sell the family jewels.
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(Posted for a friend:) Appraising and selling jewelry in NYC . . .

My siblings and I inherited 10 pieces of jewelry which we'd never wear. The jewelry (gold, pearls and a diamond) was appraised for insurance in 1980 and valued at $24K. Is it worth getting a second appraisal from an outside party before dealing with potential buyers? The original appraiser suggested that the value would be about the same today and thought we shouldn't waste money on another appraisal. But because of tax implications doesn't it make sense to get a written fair market value appraisal first--which would help ensure we don't get ripped off? Also, any suggestions for buyers of silver objects (serving plates/utensils) and coins in New York City would be appreciated. I don't want to go the e-bay route but would love to free up my closet space.
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