Books on being the best trainer ever (it's that easy, right?)
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Know of any books that can improve my training style?

I'm leading a two-day training session on federal reporting and record-keeping in a few weeks. The group will be made up of about 15 people who are there because they want to improve the federally-funded programs that they run. I've done hour-long trainings before and they've gone relatively well, but I'm worried about keeping the group interested for such a long period (each day will probably go for 6 or 7 hours). I know I need to make it really interactive if I want the group to stay awake, so do you have any recommended readings or personal experience on how to do this?
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1. Start each day with at least one slightly off topic reading recommendation. Your list should include at least one Federal agency's PAR and Peter Drucker.

2. Discuss the material in the context of risks to federally-funded programs, not the least of which is loss of federal funding.

3. Google and research successes and failures of federally funded (and state funded) programs that made the news. Your audience should know about these, if they do - presto! discussion, if they don't then they will be interested.
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Don't think that "interaction" has to mean a big, elaborate activity. When I train, I pose a question to the group every 1/2 hour or so, and have them brainstorm at their tables (assuming table groups of 4-6 people) and then report back to the rest of the class. It's a quick check for understanding, and it breaks the monotony of listening to lecture all day.
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Personal experience:

Have on hand a "training box" for each group of participants. Include in these things like mini-slinkies, small containers of Play Doh, vinyl craft lacing (camp!), pipe cleaners, etc. These give people something to do with their hands, which appeals to kinesthetic learners.
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