Why would someone pay $500. or more for an unmodified iPhone when they can get the same thing from Apple for $399.?
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Why would someone pay $500. or more for an unmodified iPhone when they can get the same thing from Apple for $399.?

I'm thinking about getting an iPhone. I was at Apple store today and they sell them for $399. On Craigslist and Ebay, I see a lot of iPhones that are still in original condition (not unlocked) where sellers are asking much more than Apple. Is it because they have older firmware that CAN be unlocked? What am I missing?
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Maybe this?
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Sharkfu's link says it all.
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yeah, sharkfu's got it. Here in Britain they are something like 400 pounds, so buying them from an American on Ebay is major savings even if the prices are jacked up by 50 percent.
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Er, here in Britain the iPhone is £269, not £400.
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influx- thanks, I should have checked the current price. I know they were introduced at £400. What I said still goes, however, as it's cheaper to get a marked up American iPhone than a British one.
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UK continued: Do you still have to sign up for a UK contract with O2? It's £630 minimum so avoiding that might be a factor.
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I paid $500 for mine. Here in Canada we have neither Apple Stores or Cellular Carriers worth giving money to.
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Are you saying we don't have Apple Stores in Canada? Or that the ones we have aren't worth giving money to?
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Also, they won't accept cash at the Apple store for the iPhone nowadays. Perhaps there are some people who are unwilling or unable to fulfill their gadget addiction with a credit card?
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There are Apple stores in Canada, but they don't sell iPhones because there isn't an official carrier yet. In Montreal a new in box iPhone goes for between $550 and $700 on Craigslist.
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It might also be a way to skirt Apple's recent change in policy that iPhones can't be bought with cash (credit card only) and that you can't buy more than 2 (I think) at a time.
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Also, it might be more valuable to some people to buy an older phone that has an older firmware version, because it allows for hacking and unlocking much more easily. Not sure if the phones you're referring to are being sold for that reason, but some people might pay a premium to get an iPhone that they can successfully unlock.
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Current firmware cannot be unlocked (yet). Older phones are therefore more valuable to some.
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Sorry, let me restate that. There are no apple stores in Calgary (yes there are stores that sell apple stuff, but that's different). The phone carriers all suck. I've been using my iPhone in Canada for 6 months on a Canadian carrier, and there's still no word on when they're going to allow everyone else the honor of overpaying for a 3 year contract to get one "legally".
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