Where can I buy Moravian spice cookies in Boston?
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Where can I buy Moravian spice cookies in the Boston area?

I've found tons of recipes and plenty of places to order them online, but it's more fun to shop at gourmet food stores. There have to be lots of these stores around here, but I can't think of any off the top of my head. Am I going to have to drive down to Old Salem to get my fix?
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Williams Sonoma carries them.
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If you just want the cookies, do as spec80 suggests and get to a WS. If you're looking for fun gourmet food stores (which may or may not have the cookies - I can't vouch), check out Cardullo's, Savenor's, or Formaggio's. Or you could call Moravian and ask who sells them in the area.
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I have fun at Williams Sonoma :(
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I'm pretty sure I used to buy them at Cardullo's (linked by cocoagirl) when I lived nearby, though that was 10 years ago. They would only have one or two varieties at any one time, and these changed quite regularly.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all of the suggestions. Both Williams Sonoma and Cardullo's have had them in the past but don't have them presently. Looks like I'll be ordering them online after all.
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