Recommended German-language singers similar to French language singers
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Which German language singers would you recommend for those of us like French singers such as Carla Bruni and Madeleine Peyroux. I tried Ute Lemper but she seemed a tad on the heavy and intense side. Definitely looking for that cool, jazzy feel.
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Best answer: Lisa Wahlandt, perhaps. Difficult to say, since, alas, I don't really have a taste for Mrs Sarkozi or Ms Peyroux. Still, some samples included so you can decide for yourself.
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The phrase "cool, jazzy feel" makes me think of Roger Cicero, who was Germany's entrant to Eurosong 2007. Didn't win, unfortunately, though his song 'Frauen Regier'n die Welt' - women rule the world - is five degrees of awesome. And not just because I'm a feminist, I swear.
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I'd Suggest Annett Louisan (
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Max Raabe und das Palastorchester. Weimar-era jazz stylings, seamlessly recreated.
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Music Map: Sometimes a complete dud, but sometimes pleasantly surprises.

Carla Bruni:

Madeleine Peyroux:
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Response by poster: I enjoyed Lisa Wahlandt very much. My "Radiohead-fan" teenage son said she sounded just like all the others which wasn't mean as a compliment, but I took it as one:-). My adult- daughter said she sounded like elevator music, but I thought that harsh! Anyway, some great suggestions, so thank you all who responded. Actually the site is an interesting concept, although when I saw Jimmi Hendricks within the 'orbit' of Carla Bruni, I wondered if I had missed something about her music :-)
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