I need to find my Adult Historical Graphic Novel Biography thing
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When I was a kid (about 9-10 years ago), I came across what I can only describe as an Adult Historical Biographical Graphic Novel. I read it that one day and never found it again. More info in Explanation.

What I cant remember:
Who made it
Who published it
How long it was
What decade it came out

What I can remember
It had biographies of Marquis De Sade and Salvador Dali
It was black and white
It was fairly violent
Its dialogue was frank and near vulgar (at least for a 12 year old)

I would love to find a copy of this and show it to my friends to prove its real
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So it's a book book, not a comic book? Do you remember its physical dimensions at all?

Maybe a pair of books from the 'for beginners' series? Or were de Sade and Dali in the same volume?
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Or failing that "The Big Book of Weirdos"

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The Big Book of Weirdos came out 12 years ago and included segments on Dali and De Sade -- it's a good bet Phalene has it.

Here's a page of the De Sade chapter.
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