free mail list manager that blogger can use to email posts?
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Can anyone recommend a free mail list manager? I'm looking for something that blogger can email my posts to, so they can go out to subscribers.

Here are my requirements:
-- admin can post via email
-- posts can be html templated
-- users can subscribe/unsubscribe via email
-- users can access a preferences page (or email) showing what lists are available, what lists are subscribed to, and enabling subs/unsubs
-- should be script based (perl or php) to sit on my sever. No Yahoo groups, topica, etc.

I've used phplist and it doesn't allow posting via email, but does everything else great.
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i use mailman for my mailing list. it does what you want apart from html templates (it might do that too, but i don't know what it is!)
posted by andrew cooke at 7:55 AM on June 23, 2004

check out Dada Mail. It comes with an add-on script that allows for sending mail to it rather than using the web based interface.
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(do you mean there's an html archive? mailman does that.)
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by html templating, I mean the ability to send html emails, composed of some combination of html header/footer templates and CSS.
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I second mailman. Lots of features, an excellent web interface for admins and subscribers.

As far as the thing stuff, it has ways to modify the message as it passes through the system, though I'm not sure it'll do all the necessary mime stuff easily. If it an be done just by adding headers and footers then you're probably fine. You could certainly search or post the question on their mailing lists.
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Mailman is what you want.
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I offer my sincerest apologies to all for my usage of the phrase "as far as the thing stuff" above.
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