Locals in Southampton, PA: Good Hotel Near Russian Baths?
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For nearby natives, I want to know if there are good hotels you know of near the Southampton Spa in Southampton, Pennsylvania.

I will of course also just call them and ask them.

I plan to take my sweetie on a well-after-the-holidays long weekend trip there for her holiday present (it's what she asked for) and I want to make the visit as painless and lovely as possible. Thanks in advance!

We may also take part of the weekend to visit nearby friends in Philadelphia, so we will probably have a car with us on the trip.
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I just called them. They had no ideas.
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You are going to love the spa! I've been there - it's 2 miles from my house. Enjoy.

I've never actually been to any hotels in the area because I live here, but relatives that I've put up have raved about The Radisson in Trevose, which is about 6 miles by car from the spa. Directions.
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Huh, I lived in that area on and off for 15 years; never knew there was a spa in Southampton.

Newtown, PA is about 15-20 min away, and is a lovely town. The Brick Hotel is there. I've never stayed there, but it always looked nice to me.

If you don't mind traveling a little further, New Hope, PA has various bed and breakfast / inn type places.

Otherwise, I think there are various chain hotels such as the Hampton Inn in the area.
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I also had no idea this was there and I live 10 minutes away from it. I just spent 15 minutes drooling over the website. iconomy, I expect a full report.

The Darrah House is a B&B about 15 minutes from Southampton. (never stayed there)
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Thanks much for all the lodging ideas, iconomy, medeine and stypidsexyFlanders. I will pick a good one and report back. Also I'll be up in Philadelphia next week and my sweetie is talking about coming up to visit and scouting out the place and surrounds, so I'll give her this list.

The reason this spa is the one she wants to go to is that it's a traditional one with Russian and Turkish baths. It also intrigues me that there's a restaurant inside the spa. :)
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Er, argh, apologies for typoing yr handle, Flanders.
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