Awake enough to like the song, too sleepy to remember the words.
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Help me figure out the name of a song I just heard on NPR...

I was just listening to WAMU here in Washington DC on my drive home from work, and I heard part of a very catchy song performed by either Ted Leo or someone who sounds exactly like Ted Leo. It mentioned a girl whose name sounded like "Anna-Lisa", along with some details about her life. It was NOT "Me & Mia". I don't remember any of the lyrics word-for-word, because he was singing really fast and I'm quite tired. The song was part of a "stripped-down" acoustic performance.

Unfortunately, I don't even know what radio show it was on, because I turned on the radio mid-song. I haven't found anything on Google or the NPR archives.
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Nope, it was a good deal faster and more upbeat than the Prozzak song.
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It wasn't Anna Molly, was it?
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Do you remember what the approximate time you heard the song? Many of the major shows, Fresh Air, All Things Considered, Morning Edition, etc have their music interludes listed on their respective website. You can point and click your way to them from the schedule. You can even go back several days or more, iirc.
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I heard it on NPR - Try there?
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Or try this. If you can identify station, time and program, I'm pretty sure they list all of their music clips,(not just the ones from the stories, but the ones between stories as well) although I'm having trouble identifying the spot on the website that does this, I confess.
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Yep, it was Ted Leo and the show was the January 23rd episode of Fair Game. Looks like Fair Game is distributed by PRI so that's probably why you didn't find anything on
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