Where can we learn to make cheese near Chicago?
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Where should we go for a long weekend within a few hours of Chicago to learn the art of cheesemaking?
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Try this. You too can become a master cheesemaker.
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You may also try searching Google for "artisan cheese shortcourse" or just "cheese shortcourse." Many universities with agricultural colleges will offer these courses.
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Here you go. Feel free to send me some after you've made it.
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Maybe something here (btw, this film is great, I've probably watched it 10 times)
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This place in Ellison Bay (Door County) apparently has cheesemaking classes, though their 2008 schedule isn't yet posted. If you haven't been to Door County, it's an excellent place for a long weekend (though it's a 5 hour drive from Chicago). I recommend the Wagon Wheel Resort in nearby Rowley's Bay.
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