Can I have my favorite sneakers repaired? How?
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Should I/how do I repair my favorite Puma sneakers? They're black leather with black suede on the toes, sort of like cap toes, but right where the suede meets the rubber sole they've gotten quite worn. I guess I must scrape them on the sidewalk often, right in that spot. Otherwise they're in good shape, the only decent commuter shoes I have. I could afford it, but I hate to buy a new pair already, it seems like such a waste of resources to just keep buying new shoes. Is there a way I could get them fixed instead? (And if you know a place in the DC area, that'd help too!)
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Shoe Goo would do the job, but might not look pretty.
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The only common shoe repair I know of is to resole them, and this does not sound like it will fix your problem.

Pumas wear out very quickly in my experience, much quicker than any other shoe I have owned. I would simply buy a more durable shoe next time, personally I love New Balance, although I think Saucony makes a black leather sneaker that may be more similar to what you have.
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I had a similar problem with my fave pair and I took them to Duke's shoe repair, on U street (corner of 14th near the Marion Barry guvmint building). He can tell you if they are repairable or not.
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