Identify this blotchy skin.
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Blotchy skin. Is this familiar to anyone?

My partner has what on first glance is a rash on the calf of one (only) of her legs, but it's not a rash - it's more of a painless, non-itchy discoloration in the pattern of a lattice which appears to follow the path of veins. The lattice lines are brown while the areas inside the lines appear to be normal. Google fails me (or more likely, I fail Google). Any suggestions as to what it might be?
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Has she been standing up for a long time? Some times that happens... I'm not sure what it's called or why it happens - burst capillaries or something...
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Best answer: Livedo reticularis
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Response by poster: Thank you IAAJ. It's a perfect match. Isn't AskMe a treasure?
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