Sprint smartphone with WiFi, Skype?
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GadgetFilter: Searching for a smartphone that does WiFi and can run Skype Mobile, preferably for Sprint. Anybody tried this?

I've read some reviews of the Mogul, but it sounds kinda so-so. Maybe the Treo 700 wx?

If you have done this on a different carrier I'd be interested in your experiences/recommendations as well.
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I haven't used Skype on it, but the Samsung SCH-i760 (Verizon) supports wifi nicely, and I'm very happy with its performance.
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nokia n82 i think will do both...
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How dare you call the Mogul so-so. Kidding, but I love my Mogul. I don't know any other phone capable of pushing WIFI (free software needed). As long as I have a phone signal, I have a WIFI connection.
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I like my Mogul quite a bit, too. I haven't used Skype on it, though. The Wifi works great on it.
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I picked up an AT&T Tilt (HTC Kaiser/TYTN II/I think it's the Sprint Mogul and T-Mobile Vario) ) last friday. Overall, it's pretty freakin' awesome, except for the now well known (and unbeknownst to me at the time of purchase) video driver issues.

I installed Skype Mobile about an hour ago and am EXTREMELY impressed with its performance, both on WiFi as well as 3G.

I want to recommend this phone, but I really can't, as HTC, so far, hasn't been helpful with regard to the video drivers and subsequent performance issues. If they do eventually provide working drivers, then I would say go for it.
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@Cat Pie Hurts

Sounds like you could use some WMV9 codecs. ( uploaded here if you don't wanna sign up at XDA )

Also, you have TCPMP, yes?
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I'd suggest any nokia symbian Smartphone. Fring is a great skype client (you can also talk to aim buddies) which also works on windows mobile.
Defintly the sexiest symbian wifi phone is N76, which should be N75 over there in the US.
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