How do I find a star-for-hire in London?
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How do I find a list of publicists for stars of the theatrical stage or screen? Basically, I can be a hero if I can find celebrities currently in London, England recognizable to a Canadian audience. We need to hire them for a charming bit on our show... but the ones on our short list have not turned out. Therefore, I am now looking to get in touch with an appropriate publicist who has LOTS of clients and who can make suggestions as to who we should use, and then give them to us.

...or directly in touch with a celebrity or agent or manager, or a website or a magic genie who can get me the perfect happen-to-be-in-London celebs (we actually need three) within two weeks.

Yes, this is my third question alone these lines - the good news is you guys are giving me GREAT advice. What would you do if you were me and in this situation? Where would you go? Who would you call?

Thanks so much... ElleVator
posted by Elle Vator to Media & Arts (5 answers total) 2 users marked this as a favorite has been useful to me in the past, but is expensive.

Beyond that? Google $celebName + agent + agency + represents usually gets you to the agency.
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IMDB pro has (or had when I had a subscription) contact info for many celebs.
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Response by poster: Thanks, dirtynumbangelboy...

Here's the thing. My issue is not locating the agent of a specific celebrity, but rather finding appropriate celebs for our story, budget and timeframe.

What would be really helpful is to get someone on the phone who is connected to many celebs, tell them our context and budget and have them make suggestions as to who would be available.

Before I pay for, would they have a list of publicists/managers/agents/promoters who have clients based in London right now?
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Probably not. What you want to do is call one of the big agencies: William Morris, IMG, etc.
posted by dirtynumbangelboy at 6:18 AM on January 24, 2008

DNAB is right I'm sure about phoning the big agencies. But if you have some idea of dream casting, you can use the free part of Spotlight(UK casting directory) to find out who represents whom in the UK. (I've used Spotlight if I need to contact a celeb for a charity event etc.)
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