Video about Asian fermented foods
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Where to find an on-demand Korean Air video about Asian fermented foods?

I was flying Korean Air Incheon-Los Angeles in 2006, and they had an excellent video about Asian fermented foods in their video-on-demand system. Among other things, I remember the camera crew going to a remote village in China where they preserved fish for 40 years, and another place where the cameraman literally started vomiting from the smell of fermented pork. There was also a segment about three Japanese women with chronic health problems who got put onto a traditional diet of rice, fermented vegetables, and fish, and their health improved considerably. They also covered natto, soy sauce brewing, and the making of maotai (a Chinese liquor).

I remember seeing some guy on the internet had taken pictures of the video, but now I can't find them anywhere. But better yet, does anyone know where I can find this video? I imagine Korean Air must have licensed it from someone else.
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I'd like to rule this out right away because it keeps popping up in searches - could it have been an episode of Bizarre Foods of Asia, hosted by Andrew Zimmern? youtube
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Nope, it was a Korean production, with English subtitles. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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Do you remember whether the video was in a wacky/fun style, or in a more informative style?

There's an MBC documentary called 곰팡이 - literally, fungus - and it's a three-part documentary about fermented foods. Do any of these screencaps look familiar? That's only for the second part, but other episodes (in korean) seem to talk about fermented pigs, duck, a fish fermented for 100 years..
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It was in an informative style - the screencaps look familiar, actually! Anyplace where I could find that video?
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Hmm. It seems that you can watch it here: episodes 1, 2, 3. They're in Korean, though, and won't be subtitled, and it requires login and (perhaps) viewing a free ad.

Your best bet is to probably contact MBC (the broadcasting company) directly and ask if you can somehow get a copy of the subtitled ones.

Hope that helps!
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Oh, and the small red '300k' button is the one that will start the streaming, if you're going to give it a try. It doesn't seem to work on Macs.
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