Suppressing client in other Vista accounts
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I share a Vista machine with my wife, and I use the client in my account. My wife isn't a user, but the client keeps popping up in her account and prompting her to sign up. How can I suppress this? The forums, strangely, are no help.
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Look for a shortcut to Last.FM's client in wherever Vista's replacement location is for "Documents and Settings\All Users\Startup", and move it to the startup folder in your own profile instead.
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Try using the free program Startup Control Panel to remove the startup entry.
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Thanks. I've tried zapping the shortcut in the Startup folder, but it keeps regenerating.
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I don't have Vista and I don't have the current download, but this is how I solved the same problem with my older version: I use Winamp to scrobble, so I opened Winamp and right-clicked at the top, which opened the Winamp menu. I picked Options/Preferences/Media Library (or plugins)/Audioscrobbler (or and the menu opens. I unchecked the box that says Show Upgrade Messages. In your more current versions (Vista and the new plug-in) the path may be slightly different and the wording may be different as well, but you get the gist of it. Good luck.
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The startup item in question is probably in your windows registry. The aforementioned Startup Control Panel will let you see it.
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