Help me with seasonal powerpoint backgrounds!
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I need 4 backgrounds (ideally of the same scene) for powerpoint each depicting one of the four seasons. They are to be the backdrops for a skit where two people meet at a bus stop regularly to chat. AskMe, can you help?
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Did you search on or everystockphotos?
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Try an advanced search on flickr for Creative Commons licensed pictures and try searching for something like "seasons"? Otherwise, generic searches through flickr seem to turn up what you are looking for... you might have to contact someone directly and ask them permission to use their photos for your project.
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What about the wallpapers Windows XP ships with?
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Seconding the suggestion - for example, with a bit of photoshopping you could extend this (the blue sky and the pole) then change the backdrop with various skies? There's even an image of a bus stop!
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4 seasons - Same view. It is a slideshow of a tree. You may be able to dissect the images from the source code, or print screen them.


My search
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