Brain go sleep now?
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The back of my head is getting pins and needles / partial numbness like it is 'falling asleep' from the blood circulation being cut off. Does that mean the blood circulation is going to get cut off to my brain also?

No idea what brought this on, but I've been getting this off and on all day and now I am kind of afraid to go to sleep...
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If nobody else has an answer for you here, maybe you could call Telehealth to get a first-pass answer from a reliable source.
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I used to get that sometimes when lying down on the floor, head propped up against bare wall, reading a book. Have stopped since, after considering what could be going on. Obviously some sort of circulation is getting cut off.

In your case, if there's no obvious head-against-wall explanation and it's not going away, you really ought to get it checked. Now. Could be nothing, could be a stroke.
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Do you have any problems with vision?
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no. blood supply to rear of scalp != blood supply to brain. if your brain has enough blood left that it can post questions on the internet, you'll likely survive long enough to post more questions.
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2nd Xere on both counts.
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The blood supply to the brain is provided by deep arteries and veins in the neck.

The scalp is supplied by other more superfical arteries.

The sensation could be caused by a pinched nerve, a change in hairstyle or too much pressure being applied to an area over a long period of time.

Also, you may just need to wash your hair, my scalp gets "creepy" feeling when I go long periods of time without washing it. Seems to be some weird reaction to having overly flat hair and the areas getting "matted" with oil near the surface. Happens more in winter to me because my hair never looks "dirty"

Also a warm shower might help you to relax.

If you have numbness or tingling in your face, vision changes or weakness on one side...time to call your Dr. or go to the ER.
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Maybe sleep is what you need.
I don't think it is a sign of an impending stroke.
Here are the probable causes of your scalp parasthesia.
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Consider whether your posture is abusing your neck. A sore neck can result in pinched nerves and all kinds of strange feelings. Too much time looking with head turned can do this. Leaning forward, head tilted back, does it very bad. Laying with head propped on a hand does it. I've abused the hell out of my neck, and suffer for it.
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what bruce said.

probably just muscles in your neck compressing a nerve. try massaging your neck.
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Response by poster: I'm alive! Thanks for that parasthesia link. I think this is a posture / muscle tension issue.
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I was getting the same thing every few days maybe a month or two ago. Pins and needles on the back of my head! When I woke up. Freaked me out too! Same line of thought - lack of blood...? omg my brain is in there!! (Same bed, pillows. Just some mornings, shift my head - pins and needles!) It was always the bit I was laying in though... Meh??
Anyway just thought I'd mention 1.Had something like that 2.Went away and 3.Not dead.
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