Where can I get a good deal on a Mac Mini Superdrive?
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The CD/DVD drive in this Mini is dead. What's the best place to buy a replacement Mac Mini optical drive?

I'm upgrading a client's Mac Mini with a new hard drive. In the process, I've found that the optical drive is seemingly dead. I can't insert a disc; they just sorta bounce back out. The client claims he's had no issues with it, but I find it hard to believe that the drive was damaged during the hard drive swap.

Anyway, I'm not getting anywhere with it. The client has decided he would just like to order a new one. Where do you suggest I buy one online? Newegg doesn't seem to carry stuff like that.

Furthermore, what's a good price to pay for a "Superdrive"?
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This Apple support discussion thread has some links and info.

This site has a 4x Superdrive for the mini for <>
These were within the first few hits of a Google search with the terms "replacement superdrive for mac mini".

Also, I'm sure you can get a name brand unit that will work (though with generic firmware) via Newegg once you determine the right part number.
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Best answer: Hmmm...that would be this Apple support discussion thread.
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have you considered an external firewire drive rather than cracking open the case?
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Response by poster: Thanks, mosk. You're right; seems a bunch of brand name drives should work.

machaus: Too late. I already cracked it open to install a new hdd. :)
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I was playing with a mac mini recently and had the same problem. Can you check that you didn't dislodge the ribbon cable that goes to the optical drive? On mine, the connector was broken and it wasn't making a good contact.
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Heh...that ribbon cable is an annoying little bastard.

(I say that knowingly, having just done the whole "Mini/Monster" upgrade: T7400 processor, external 1TB 3.5" 7200 rpm SATA drive in place of stock 2.5" slower drive, 2GB RAM. It may be small, but it's mighty.)
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Best answer: Here is a guide for doing it (says powerpC, I am not sure if it's exactly the same if you have an intel)
They also sell this, which say's on the page "Fit's in all mac mini's"
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help. The drive is fine after all. After much troubleshooting, and finding that the new hdd would also not power on, I just had to disassemble it to find out what was wrong. It turns out the board that the drives plug into wasn't fully seated in the logic board. Neither drive was getting power. Oops. Rookie mistake. (Almost as bad as breaking the bluetooth antenna off and having to resolder!)

@rydogg Interesting. I checked ifixit to see if they had anything for the Mini, but they don't give it as an option. Thanks!
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