Plain backpack to carry MacBook
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Need small-as-possible, simple backpack that will fit a MacBook. I love my little Eastpak bag (like this one) but it's not quite big enough. I want something that is super-plain in dark colours that is just big enough. It doesn't have to be padded or have a special laptop slot.
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I use a camelback I bought from REI. Weird, I know. But it fits, is padded, and is tiny.
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I've used an L.L. Bean Original Book Pack essentially my entire life. It's pretty much as plain as it comes, really, the very definition of a generic backpack. And the value is insane; $24 for a solid backpack is not bad as it is, but it comes with a lifetime guarantee. I used to work there, and they hold up their end of the bargain--I had to re-monogram 15-year-old backpacks. They actually will fix it if it breaks, ever. Pretty sure my macbook fits in mine.
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I use a Patagonia lightwire backpack. It's not tiny, but it's slimmer than many backpacks. It has a built-in padded laptop sleeve. It's very sleek and comfortable, I really like it. Patagonia also makes a smaller backpack called the Pocketwire that might fit the smallest MacBook.
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I have been considering purchasing the Sumdex She Rules Nicole Backpack. for my own MacBook. It has a very clean look and many of the reviewers say it fits their 13.3" MacBooks just right.
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I love my Incase Sling Pack. It's only 5.5 inches deep and it's got a convenient pouch on the strap to hold an iPhone / iPod.
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I noticed this very plain backpack at American Apparel the other day. It comes in tons of colours.
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