Video podcasts are supposed to be easy for everyone
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I'd like a Flash video player of my video podcast on the web site, and a high-quality (960x540 should work) video file in the podcast feed. I'm currently using WordPress and PodPress to manage the feed and video. But I can see why some people who don't want to install QuickTime might not be able to see the show.

PodPress currently makes me very happy with its stats reporting, but if I have to dump it in favor of something else, I will.

I have tried placing the video in the Revver (site currently down) Flash player and including the video file as a "feed only" option with PodPress, but for reasons I can't diagnose, that doesn't work in iTunes.


My best idea so far is just to include an obvious link in each post that redirects the user to a different site (YouTube or Revver or something) to watch the video, but that's not exactly user-friendly. What would be easiest for both me and the viewer?
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Response by poster: Well, I kept fiddling with things, and it looks like my problem was actually the Democracy poll plugin for WordPress that was invalidating the feed. So, nevermind, I guess.
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