Can i read CSC (offline files)?
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Can I crack the offline files windows creates in the winnt\csc folder?

Windows stores offline folder and files in the \csc folder in the system directory. Assume I have imaged a windows PC's harddrive and I want to browse those files, I cant attach to the original server that hosted those files, I just have the 'garbage' that appears in there. Anyone have any success doing this? (In this case, XP, upto date).
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mkdir c:\recoveredfiles\
csccmd /extract:\\myserver\myshare\ /target:c:\recoveredfiles\ /recurse /onlymodified

This extract copies of all the documents on \\myserver\share that you've modified while offline, and puts them into c:\recoveredfiles\

As googled for and found here.
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Oh, I missed the part where you said you reimaged the hard drive. That probably won't work in that case, but it's still worth a try.
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..yeah the tricky part. I'm working from an image with no access to a) the original machine and b) the original hosting server.
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