How to replace my Palm Tungsten E charger today?
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I have lost the charger for my Palm Tungsten E. I know I can buy a replacement online, but I need to use my Palm quickly and don't want to wait for something to be shipped if I can avoid it. Most stores don't seem to stock the charger for the E, since it's an older model. My question: will the charger from any other Palm/Treo/Handspring model work with my PDA, and if so, what stores (in the greater Atlanta area) are likely to carry it?
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I own a multiple charger device.
It looks like any charger but it has some differences: It has a Voltage switch on it's body and it came with a set of adapters for different plug sizes of different gadgets.
I have used it on toys and bicycle lamps and stuff but never on mobile phones.
You can get it at electronic stores INFUSA (I am not from the USA) but I guess Chains like Circuit City or Radio Shack maybe sell those.
My answer is totally useless if the plug you need is not a single hole thingy but some sort of multi-contact thing.
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Hey there!

My Palm Tungsten E charger broke and I tried buying a replacement while I was in China. You just need something that outputs 5V, or around that much. The only problem is that the plug that goes into the Palm itself is very thin and unlike most adapter plugs. I had to look around for a while before I found somebody selling such a charger (it was a generic one, but worked well and was way thinner + lighter than my original charger!)

So, you just need to find a charger that satisfies:
1. Outputs about DC 5V
2. Has the skinny plug

Good luck!
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The iGo A00 power tip supposedly works with the Tungsten E, Zire 31, and Zire 72. You can probably get it at Radio Shack.
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Does a Staples have a Tungsten T|X (similar, in-production model) charger near you? They will charge you too much for it, but it's a likely candidate.
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It's the Palm TX, not the Tungsten TX. I have one, and the charger plug looks nothing like the photos of Tungsten E plugs I have seen.
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