How do hotels get their artwork and how does an artist get his/her artwork into hotels?
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How do hotels get their artwork and how does an artist get his/her artwork into hotels?

A artist friend has some work that we think would lend itself well to mass-produced lithography (or something similar) and to settings such as hotels. How does one go about getting his/her artwork to such places?
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There's an art trade fair for this, or maybe several. I used to have a landlord who was in this business -- basically he and his wife would contract to paint, say 300 paintings for all the rooms in a hotel. It's interior decorating and mass production, more so than art, because the "artwork" needs to match the style and colors of the place. This was some time ago, but I'm sure it hasn't changed much. Basically, you buy a booth at the art show and peddle your stuff to designers. Some of the relevant shows may be listed here. Also, Google ""
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See also.
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Beyond shows, there are art factories where lines of artists churn-out generic canvases for the interior-design trade. These factories sell direct to interior design firms, corporate design departments, etc.
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Why, they come from China, of course.

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A friend of mine is actually an art supplier. They furnish hotels entirely. So they deal with furniture, fixtures and the (often) chintzy artwork in a hotel. They'll pick a few paintings that are essentially mass-produced for a given hotel and build around that.
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The Business section of the discussion forums would be an excellent place to search for answers to this question (or ask it, on the off chance that it hasn't been asked there yet).
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What is the name of the company?
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