What are the best Wii games for klutzes?
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What are the best Wii games for klutzes? I'm looking for games that rely primarily on gross motor skills for kids and adults with limited fine motor ability, which are still fun to play. Big successes so far have been Wii Sports and Excite Truck. Notable failures are Cooking Mama and Raving Rabbids. Extra points for an E or E-10 rating. What games do your recommend?
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WarioWare and Super Mario Galaxy spring easily to mind. You might also enjoy Gottleib Pinball Classics.
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Whoops. Strike WarioWare (I had read your question as saying Raving Rabbids was a success). The other's should be fine though.

I also wanted to add the Metal Gear Anthology as a suggestion. It allows a variety of control methods and requires very little complex movement on the part of the user. Plus its 6 games in 1 and fun!
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Not strictly a Wii game, but can be played on the Wii, the Donkey Konga (not to be confused with Donkey Kong) series for the GameCube sounds right up your alley.

A caveat is that you need to get bongo drum controllers - it can also be played with GameCube controllers but that makes it too complicated and takes a lot of the fun out of the game. My local GameStop stores usually have used bongo drum controllers in stock, for $3.99 apiece.

Donkey Konga is a rhythm game, in which you hit the drums or clap depending on the notes you see on screen. We took the game and controller to a Christmas party that had attendees with wide ranges of age and video game expertise, and everybody caught on instantly and had silly goofy fun. The kids especially enjoyed it and quite got into banging along to one of the children's song medleys. The U.S. version of Donkey Konga 2 doesn't have kid-friendly songs like Donkey Konga (complete list of songs here) but has a cooperative gameplay mode where up to 4 players get different sets of notes to play together in one song.
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Wii Play is fun, and comes with an extra controller. We especially like the tanks and air hockey games.
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Effigy - you mean Metal Slug Anthology.

Some recommendations:
Super Paper Mario (mostly uses the Wiimote like an old NES controller, except for some special abilities)
Mario vs Sonic Olympics (lots of minigames with simple motions)
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Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Party 8, Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, Wii Play, and Wii Sports are all easily playable for my kids (8 and 5).
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Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 is much easier than the first one. You can play it straight through without "beating" each little stage. For us grown ups, it wasn't as much fun in single player but really fun when playing against our friends.
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I'm not sure if the previous reference to WarioWare was specific to the game Smooth Moves but if it wasn't then you should seriously consider this game! My friends and I have played it at parties involving bevvies that decrease motor skill and we had a great time! Maybe rent a few of these recommendations and see which ones float your boat. Happy gaming!
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Carnival Games seems to meet some of your criteria. Skee-ball, baseballs at bottles, darts at balloons, plus twenty or so more. Most are dependent on large arm movements, plus some timing. Kids seem to like it. I've played once and the game does offer some entertainment.

Apparently, it's getting so-so reviews from the usual suspects, but I'm not sure that IGN, Gamespot, et al have quite figured out what constitutes a good game for those who are not in their target demographic.

Wii Play may be a good choice too, but understand that it requires tighter control than Wii Sports.
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