Where could I learn glass blowing in Melbourne, Australia?
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Is there anywhere I can learn glass blowing in Melbourne, Australia?

I'd love to try my hand at glass blowing, but the closest thing I can find locally is glass bead making. Where could I go to learn how do to it?
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Best answer: The CAE would be the first place I'd look.

Ah, here we are

Southbank, 23-24-Feb.
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Best answer: Alternately, ring around a few custom glass / leadlighting shops. An ex-workmate did a Saturday morning hobby leadlighting course at one here in Brisbane years ago, went on to do a glassblowing traineeship/apprenticeship through contacts made at the shop, and last I heard was working as a scientific glassblower & artist.

A quick Google while trying to track down Rob's whereabouts also indicates there's a few glassblowing artists / studios on the Mornington Peninsular who may be able to point you in the right direction.
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Response by poster: Wonderful! I was on the CAE website last week and must have looked past this somehow!
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